Thursday, September 16, 2010

Double OverTIme

Well, It was a hard loss this week!!! The Defense Did Awesome they held thier own and forced a double overtime. (these guys are only six and they had a double overtime)

Mom and Dad were going nuts, I felt like I was playing back in Highschool again. We ended up loosing 12-6.

I am married to such a talented girl. For all of those that dont know Joran bought a Vynl machine and decided that after looking at some scrap banners that she had and left over colors that she would make a run through for the TEAM!
SHE IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Life is good for us, we have football 3 days a week and then all day saturday. The twins are ready to stap up thier pads as well. I think maybe next year. Joran is busy with the kids getting them ready for school and spending time with her little buddy. I have been traveling more and dealing with the building of a Highrise in downtown Chicago. We are happy but miss family huge.

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Josh and Joran said...

thanks for keeping this updated for us. I have several posts from visits over the summer that I need to stop being lazy and posts.