Monday, July 9, 2007


Finally here....
The boys and I ( and my dad) finally made the move back east.
Josh works in Northbrook Illinois which is about 30 min. North of Chicago. And we are renting a place in Kenosha, Wisconsin which is 40 min. north of Northbrook. Factoring in traffic only about an 1 1/2 hrs. away from WRINGLEY FIELD!!!! not bad. We had a few speed bumps in our cross country move with a u-haul, car and three kids...stopped for a quick bite in Camp verde. Half way between there and flagstaff Jase threw up his entire lunch of KFC macarroni and cheese, all over his car seat, seat belt and self. Did 90mph all the way into flag. trying not to get stopped by a cop. then had the easy job of trying to find a self service car wash. Where i gave jase a bath with a car wash pressure hose. washed his clothes and car seat. By some chance one of the last things I grabbed before we left the house that morning was a bottle of baby bath wash left in the shower. I threw it in the front seat because everthing else was packed. LUCKLY
So our first day we didn't even get out of Arizona!!! Don't want to bore anyone, so the following three days involved more vomiting, diareha, lost my dad in a uhaul truck on the highway for 2 hours( no cell phone service), potty breaks every 20 min (finally started letting the little guy just go on the side of the rode, I'm a cool mom!)etc.... I never thought it was going to end. But it did and we are loving it HERE!