Thursday, September 25, 2008

Photographer in training

WARNING!!! all photos in this post were taken by an aspiring photographer. AGE 4
Have you ever gone through your photos or memory sticks and wonder Who took these pictures, and where or what are they of. Well with three little boys things that they shouldn't get into, ie my camera, purse, wallet, gum, pantry( fruit snacks) are often found when the boys are all three working together. Many picture have been deleted but then my sister thought it would be a cute post so... here are a few random pictures I have found that Jase obviously took.
Robot Crocodile

Horton Hears a Who -photo shoot

Kager shoot (notice Horton still in the picture)

Self Portraits

Grandma I'm watching you.

Photo shoot

While I visiting in AZ, we decided to have a photo shoot out by Jerrae's house. Here are a few pictures Chris (Jerrae's husband) took.

The Girls

The Girls, plus Statton and Grady

Varsity and I (my favorite pic.)

Three sisters with our little ones.

Me & Varsity, Brie & BrenLeigh, Jerrae & Statton, Mom & Grady

Brie and BrenLeigh

Jerrae and Statton

Both little girls in their Blessing Dresses

My Little Princess

Saturday, September 20, 2008

finally catching up there are several new post to read.

First Day of School

Jase Started school this year.

Yes he is only 4, but the school district here as some of the schools that have a 4yr old kindergarten. He goes 4 days a week 8-11am. He is so excited about going to school, for the last two years anytime he saw a school bus he would ask if he could go to school. When I dropped him off, before we got to his door he turned around and waved. Then walked into his class without even looking back. Whenever I would tell him I was going to be sad for him to go to school he would tell me " it's ok mom don't cry or be sad I will be back in a little while". It made me feel so good that he was ready to go, it would have been hard if I had dropped him off knowing he was crying and missing me. I credit his enthusiasm for school to my mom and her 2nd grade class. When my mom taught at a charted school in Phoenix it was great! She was able to take Jase with her while I was in the hospital with the twins ( 2 months prior to their delivery and then 2 months after while I was running back and forth to the hospital). Since then He has loved the idea of school. Hopefully Jase will have teachers as animated as grandma was.

i would have taken the pictures outside, like we did as kids. But unlike in Arizona in august it was raining all day here

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Girl trip

So seeing as how I have a little experince in taking care of more than one child ( 4 kiddos 4 and under), Varsity and I headed out to arizona to help my sister Brie with her new little addition and her 17 month old. We had a BLAST! I was in Az from tuesday through monday. And it was such a fun visit. Getting to meet my nephew Statton for the first time, playing with Grady who I haven't seen in almost a year. Doing some shopping, EATING at place that we don't have here in chicago or kenosha,

Jerrae my youngest sister and nephew Statton picked us up at the airport Tuesday morning. We headed over to see mom/grandma who works near the airport. And then it was off the Jerrae's to hang out. Of couse we had to stop at the In-N-Out on the way. ( I crave these burgers all the time it's awful being pregnant and not being able to satisfly a craving). After seeing Rae's house and playing with statton for a while we headed of to the mall to do some shopping. Later that evening we met up with my mom and then her and I went to BrieAnna's house in Buckeye. Then the next six days were filled with running around and having fun.
First trip to In-N-Out

The girls at IHOP for breakfast

Dinner at Jerrae's and Chris after our photo shoot

Girl cousins Varsity and BrenLeigh

Varsity's first In-N-Out

BrieAnna and Grady

Aunt Mamie and Varsity at lunch

In-N-Out trip #4 right before I went to the Airport

Varsity's first trip. she did great didn't cry at all. what a good traveler.

We had my moms van with 4 kids (2 x 1yr olds, 2 newborns) and 4 adults. Boy we had FUN, passing around pacifers, bottles, blankets, toys, breast shields, breast pumps, wallets, purses, diapers, wipes and whatever else was needed between all of us.

This video is my sister making fun of me. It from a denture commercial, where these big elderly ladies are singing about no more nasty paste for their dentures. She is making fun of me because even though I have had dental insurance the entire time i've been married, I haven't been to the dentist since i've been married (that's six years). Not to worry we've found a very nice dentist here so I am making my appointment. As well as the kiddos.

Niece #1

BrenLeigh Rose McKinney was born August 23rd. Coming almost 3 1/2 weeks early she's a little peanut weighing only 5lbs. 80z. BrieAnna I hear did awesome. There were a few complications that made it nessesary for them to go ahead and let her labor progress. Thankfully we were able to get a message through the Red Cross to her husband Joey who is serving in Iraq. Once the message was sent the Military made it possible for him to come home for ten days. How Awesome he gets to come home and see his brand new baby girl and he will even be here for brie's birthday.

Her First White Dress

Varsity was blessed on September 7th. It was a great blessing, Josh always does a wonderful job. My favorite part was when he blessed her to to able to tolerate her brothers. And boy will she need it. After church we had a get together at our house. Thankyou to everyone that participated in baby "V's" big day.