Sunday, March 30, 2008

FUN, FUN, FUN, Even with no sun

We recently were able to go with the Griffeth and Sproul families to try out a new indoor waterpark resort that opened up about a month ago across for six flags in Gurnee (Keylime Cove) They have four huge slides coming out the side of the hotel and after many twist and turns they go back into the hotel. So all the kids were way excited about where we were going. Tanya had a great idea to bring along one of the young woman/Kaitlyn and she watched and played with the younger kids in the different areas of the park making it a very enjoyable time for the kids and Adults. After a few ( 5 hrs) of play we headed to our rooms got the nice and tired kids ready for bed and then the adults went out to dinner while Kaitlyn watched the kiddos for us.

The next morning everyone was up early headed for the breakfast Buffet and then off for another 9 hrs of play in the park.


It was so cute to watch these three play they would wait for each other to come down the slide and clap for one another. then they would all run together and do it all over and over again.

Jase, McKenzie, and Jackson

Kage was attached to Kaitlyn, and she was great with ALL the kids.

McKenzie taking kage down the slide

Kage and Kadin playing

And then took turns crashing, all this fun is hard work.

Brain and Josh with the boys in the hot tub, what manly men!!!

Brian and Jackson----Josh and Jase standing on the Bridge right before 250 gallons of water spills out of a giant Pineapple onto them.

Big Boy Beds

So in order to get preperations going for our new arrival in only a few short months. The boys are now sharing one room with bunk beds. Freeing up Jase's room and that will be the little girls room. Everytime they go to sleep either for a nap or at night it's always a new sleeping arrangement as to who is sleeping where and with who, but at least they are sleeping and are usually pretty excited about going to bed. YEAH!!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

it's A ????

Ok I went into the ultra sound not wanting to find out what the sex of the baby is. Josh on the other hand was convinced that he was going to find out. When I got into the room I told the Lady that I didn't want to know what the baby was so she wouldn't slip up. At the end of the scan the she asked "ok you don't want to know what it is right?" ( the whole time aside from needing to pee extremely bad, I kept looking to see if there were any objects in the pictures that had been in my other baby ultra sounds.) Josh spoke up right away and said yeah I want to know, and I somehow agreed to let him find out. I turned my head a away from the screen and watched him. The lady typed it on the screen, and with the straightest face I've ever seen Josh make he just said OK like it was no big deal. The results were put in an envelope for me just in case I later wanted to find out. Once we were done I let my friend Tanya know we were on our way over she also wanted to know what I was having. It happened to be that our other friend Melanie was at her house as well. When we got there I went towards the back were the kids were because I didn't want to see or hear any ones reaction. Once they knew they call me out, and then wanted to know why I didn't want to know. I Just wanted the extra anticipation of not knowing, and not that I would have been disappointed if it was a boy, but the hope of having a girl would still be there. After talking with them for a while I broke down, I wanted to know. Knowing that Josh, and two of my closest friends knew, it was only a matter of time I would want to know what they knew. So Tanya's daughter McKenzie read me the note from the envelope. "Congratulations you got your girl". I know kind of a long story but I love how I found out! Anyways I'm way excited and so is Josh he was hoping for a girl too. Now I can start shopping!!!