Sunday, September 19, 2010


BULLDOGS WIN!!!!!!!!!!!

The Mighty Bulldogs of Kenosha have won!!! We defeated Lake Villa Timber Wolves on saturday. It was an awesome game as the whole team showed up to play. Our offensene stepped up huge with two touchdowns. As proud as we were of the offense for scoring, of cousre I have to give major props to the BIG "D" for the shut out.
I was a nervous wreck as usual. Jase (The Doctor) has been moved to D Line. He has his daddies hitting ability but lacks the ability to decide whether to hit this guy or that guy. They would really like him to play LB because he will knock anyone he dosen't care about size. The game wasat a crutual point at the end of the half Lake vila was out of time outs and the clock was winding down. 10..9...8...7...Snap. It was 4 and GOAL!!! on the 1yrd line. I was sure that they would score and tie it. Any way back to SNAP they handed off and the D LINE plugged the hole and Miles and one of the other LB made a perfect hit..............END of the Half with No score. HUGE HIT BY THE WHOLE D.

He loves D Line now his big accomplishment he hit a guy and pancaked a guy the poor little kid was crying and had to leave the field for a couple series. I feel bad for the kid but Love that JASE can hit!!!!!!!!!!

I love this game, just think what it is going to be like when all 4 are on the field.........Jones pitches to Jones who got a blocker in front of him Jones and TD!!!!! Yeah now lets watch a Cheer by Jones.

I LOVE MY KIDS!!!!!!!.

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K said...

Update! I heard you moved and I want to keep up with what's going on with you guys