Thursday, May 20, 2010

March, April, May = ArIzOnA

  • March= a trip for mom and varsity to phx to see boy go through the temple. And be there for his farewell. I had already booked a flight for the last week in March thinking I would make it for boy's farewell, the temple and seeing him off at the airport. However thanks to stake conference and the temple closed for cleaning. Those plans that were already in place were going to put me in AZ after all of the permission celebrations had already taken place. So josh quickly changed my flight plans, rescheduled his business trips and sent me out earlier.

  • April= a trip for mom and varsity to Phx. Grandma dots passed away unexpectedly and thanks so my amazing husband and some quick help from my aunt Lois and uncle Dave. I was able to book a flight and be there with my mom and sisters.
  • For the first time in three yrs Jerrae, Statton (nephew) and Giada (niece) had booked flights to come out and visit us....that trip was put on hold with grandma passing away just a few days earlier. Hoping they make it out soon.

  • May= a trip for mom and Varsity to meet baby conlan (new cousin/nephew) and my 10 yr high school reunion. V and Leave on Saturday. For what will be her last free lap child trip to Arizona now we'll have to purchase 2 tickets because she is my little travel buddy and I can't imagine going without her.
  • Josh spent another week traveling through Pennsylvania and Baltimore meeting with customers and working more on his Modular Fire Protection buisness plans.

  • More pictures to follow after this trip.