Wednesday, January 9, 2008


Growing Up every birthday we had a "Happy Smurfday" sign, my mom bought it when I was about 2 or so for those of you that remember SMURFS, they were all over the sign. Well it lasted through the years even 'till this day it still goes up on Family members birthdays.
So I am trying to do the same thing, a cheapy Happy Birthday sign (not as cool as the smurfs though) And I don't see it lasting even a year the "B" has already fallen off.
Jase' 4th Birthday Party was at Chucky Cheese. We had to do something Fun and inside for this birthday. We've been so spoiled living in Arizona being able to have our Family/Friends over for BBQ Birthday Parties in our nice big backyard in Januray and March. However living in a lovely cold climate now where on the day of the Party it was a warm 4 degrees with a wind chill of -20. Indoors and lots of room was a must.

Jase and MoM with some of the many Balloons!
Thankyou to all of the friends (parents) that brought the kids and Families you guys all made the party SO MUCH FUN!
Here are some of the Kids eating, It was hard to get them all in a picture. There is just way to much to do at Chucky Cheese, Pizza, Games, Rides, Cake, yikes where to begin or slow down....

We didn't really have a theme to his party, but at the store I let him look through book and pick out which one he wanted. Since there were no "car" cakes Thomas was the next choice. The little Thomas train actually moved on the track on the cake.

This is Jase' piece of cake, notice only the frosting was eaten.

A few Friends from the party... Alissa, John, Jackson, Jase & Simon

Not pictured... Gabe, Sara, Jacob, Alex, Tyler, Issac

9 pizzas, 30+ drink, a full sheet cake, 100's of tokens (some that still need to be used) and A TON of way cool Presents. The Party was GREAT!Jase is already asking for another party with the "MOUSE"(chucky)