Friday, September 7, 2007


A fun weekend visiting with keli and James/ Grammy Bulldog and Grandpa Scrappy

they flew in for a visit over labor day weekend.

while they were here we showed them some of things that make living here in Kenosha so much fun. As if the 70 degree weather wasn't nice enough. Then again anything less that 112 degrees is nice.

First up Apple Holler Farm

A huge apple farm where we got to pick our own bag of apples, fed the goats, Jase went on a train ride, and we enjoyed a great all you can eat apple pancake breakfast.

( this picture was actually taken on a different day, but still at apple holler and I think it is perfect!!!)


You take a train ride around the warehouse watching short videos on the long process of how they make a Jelly Belly Jelly Bean.

Did you know that it takes 7-10 days to make ONE jelly bean and only one second to eat it. And I thought making bread was a long wait.

In the warehouse everyone had to wear a hat even the little guys. But that doesn't mean they kept them on.... about 5 seconds later the hats were on the floor, oh well good try.

on to... One of our favorite parks down by Lake Michigan

After a day full of fun everyone was tired and turned in early so they could go round 2 the next day. However we (josh and joran) met up with some new friends from church and did couples game night 'till 11pm. Not quiet the early to bed we had in mind. oh well it was fun!

Day 2

Papa Holman stayed home with the twins

while the rest of us headed in to Chicago for more fun.


(located right next door to Soldiers Field)

that's the reason I though it was called "Field" museum. I later found out that was not the case, It is actually named after the guy that founded the department store Marshal Fields. I still think my way made more since. anyways back to our fun.

After miles of walking in the museum we took a Boat taxi across the lake over to

we tried to stay for the fireworks but everyone was just a little on the worn out side and Keli and James had to leave the next morning at 4:30am to catch their flight. Jase got to ride the Thomas train first before we left, that was a must.
We had a great time. We still got to see fire works through... on our drive home Six Flags was shooting off fireworks from their park so we were able to see them as we drove past.
Any one else who visits the area will get a nice work out too as we drag you around the cities showing you all how much fun stuff there is to do here. And then you'll get your own incredibly long Blog Post full of pictures. =)