Friday, September 4, 2009

This little one turned ONE!

While in Arizona Varsity had her 1st Birthday. We decided to have a joined birthday party with her cousin who's birthday is in August.
( I've decided the collages are and easier way to go than to post so many pictures when there are so many to catch up on.)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

let's just do a recap and call it good.

Jase Graduated 4yr Kindergarten in June he went to school 3hrs a day four days a week. He had a blast and did great. He loved his teacher Ms. Randell.
And so the summer began...

We had originally planned for a trip to Arizona the end of July. In order for me to be there for the Musical Wicked that my mom had gotten us tickets for. However the end of June Josh uncle passed away and Josh and I thought he should really be there. The airline tickets prices were pretty high ($800 each ), Josh was able to rearrange his already planned vacation. And so we left the next day for Az. We decided that I would stay the entire month of July so I could still go to the musical as planned and I would just head home the beginning of August. And in a span of 24hrs. we made work and pet arrangements, packed the car and had a tune up for the cross country trip and also packed me and the kids for a month long stay. It was actually alot of fun to just throw it all together. No drawn out planning and slow packing.

We had so much fun and were able to see so many family and friends while we were there. And wish we could have seen so many more good friends. I am hoping to make Az a fun annual summer trip. ( I know crazy to go back there when the weather here is so perfect)

The days were filled with water parks, splash pads, parks, pools, movies, QT drinks, cousins,Chik-fil-a, Sonic slushes, Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas, Grandpas, chasing Neko the cat, teasing/torchering their much older uncle Bryndan and of course the HEAT. I am pleased to say not one of my little ones burned or even got pink for that matter. Having had so many sunburns I knew i didn't want to boys to be miserable, so everyday included a rub down of sunscreen.
(some of the pictures are duplicates...oops)

WICKED was Amazing!!!! my favorite Broadway musical use to be Phantom of the Opera, But oh has that changed. I Loved Wicked sooooooo Much. Seriously i think i am borderline obsessed with it now. Josh has been traveling to the east coast almost monthly and he has even looked into all the details for us to go and see it New York on Broadway in the up coming months. Thank you so much Mom for making it such a great night, Brie and I had a great time. Our other sister was suppose to go but since the show happened to fall on a Sunday, she opt. not to go. Mom was able to purchase 4 more tickets to the completely sold out show for another date. So that we could all still go together. But that day happened to be the same day Jerrae and her husband we leaving for a vacation. So we posted the tickets on craigslist and went on with our original plans. We listen to the soundtrack in the car and at home and Kadin and Jase have most of the lyrics to "popular" down even with all the little personality tid bits that are in the song. And Josh loves that they will totally blast the radio with him and his music yet still love to hear and listen to musicals.
I am really not good at taking pictures. Only after the fact do i realize that I didn't take any pictures. So if any of you took pictures while we visited email them to me PLEASE! :)