Monday, September 6, 2010

The Doctor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I finally got Joran to so me how to log onto the Blogger account. So i figure i will try to keep up with posting.......since someone else keeps slacking. J/K

We signed Jase up for football, we thought it would be cute and fun you know like little league. WOW were we wrong, It is is all out either your on defense or on offense and complete with special teams. I have tried to stay back and be encouraging but not over bearing. I have done good so far. He has natural hitting ability.....gee wonder where that comes from, wrestling with brothers, his daddy to name a few. His only problem is he is "Ferdinand the bull" He is working on the aggression but he still can't get over that it is ok to hit and that he wont hurt anyone.

It is awesome to go to the games on Saturday we have had a blast the last couple of weekends!!!!!!!

Meet The "DOCTOR"


The Kindle Family said...

good job josh!

JONESIES said...

good job Josh!!! Emerson calls Jace's hair a "mow honk" lol! We miss you guys!

LeShel said...

Look how cute he is! Go JASE