Tuesday, April 7, 2009

HEALTHY KIDS!!! it has to be the Jones side

Kage and Kadin both had their three year check up today.
Here my little 3lbs 12oz and 4lbs 2oz preemie twins couldn't be healthier.
when I called to make their check up appointment yesterday, they had to look back when their last visit was because I couldn't remember when the last time either one needed to be seen. The nurse replied with "April 7th 08, exactly one year ago tomorrow". Holy cow! growing up in my family the nurses @ the dr's office knew my mom by her first name, knew our family and even made friends with nurses at the office. With Jase and his 5yr check up, had he not of broken his arm last year it would have been a year in between visits as well.

So like the title says they must get their kid health from the Jones side. Definitely not the Holman side. And while I'm bragging about the boys health...Baby V is also right in with the pack. She did have some fluid behind one of her ears to she got some amoxicillan just to treat it so that it didn't turn into an infection.
As for the boys Kage...30 lbs 15% for Weight and 30% for height
Kadin 34 lbs 88% for weight and 75% for height

don't feel sorry for little Kager. what he lacks in overall size he makes up for in aggression. And he already knows how to make his size work for him with the ladies/girls.