Sunday, February 28, 2010

4 Years Ago

these two little guys decided to make a very early arrival... at 33 weeks.
  • And after i had laid in a hospital bed only allowed to walk to the bathroom for 7weeks. Trying my best to keep them in. Contracting every night. Nightly doses of Terbutaline. A 24/7 IV of Magnesium, a new IV every four days with a least 2 attempts to nail my rolling veins, a suspicious heart murmur because of to much Terbutaline, twice a day fetal monitoring laying still so they could get a good solid hr reading, constant eating to gain the weight they wanted to see gained --never happened, pretty stretch marks, a two yr old at home and an emergency c-section. Still didn't seem like enough sacrifice when I saw them like this.....

  • Kage 3 lbs 12oz

Kadin 4lbs 2oz

after 6 weeks for Kadin and 8 weeks for Kage. We were a family of 5 at HOME!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYS!!!!!March 1st 2004.
February snuck in there and just flew by.....

  • Jase turned 6!!! Josh and I celebrated with him at "the animal restaurant" aka Rain Forest Cafe.

  • Josh visited Arizona for a weekend before continuing up to Las Vegas for a week long Home Builders show. Where he talked all about Residential Fire Sprinklers. And something about a "Pink Gorilla" -- he says what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

  • Josh turned 29 and we celebrated with Elizabeth and Emillio at Lucialls Rockin Pianos in Milwaukee.

  • Varsity had her 18month check up where she is 33 1/2in. tall =95%, 22.2lbs =20%, head 18 1/2 in. =60%, so still a tall skinny girl . I'm loving it, josh not so much more worrying on his end. ha ha

  • AND more snow!!!!


  • Varsity went from having 4 front teeth to having 4 front teeth and 2 back molars.

  • Joran Visited the dentist for the first time in 8yrs ( due to laziness) and walked out with no cavities!!!!! only has to go back to have an old repair fixed and an old glue stain from braces removed.

  • Josh spent a week in Baltimore & Philadelphia again talking about residential fire sprinklers.

  • During the week Josh was gone Joran got Strep throat and a whopping case of tonsillitis.

  • Played a ton of Rock band with the Martinez family and Elizabeth's MOM and sis Sydney. ( can't wait to go visit them in Virginia someday!)

  • and STILL more snow!!!