Sunday, July 13, 2008

Varsity LaLeath Jones

the STORY.... sorry if it kind of long
Thursday Josh took the day off work because he was having a breathing machine dropped off so he took the day off because of the window that they were suppose to be coming. I had a horrible sore throat so it was great having him home to help with the boys. He basically let me just lay around and sleep. About 3pm I started having some mild contractions and didn't expect any kind of pattern. About 7pm I realized I was still having these contraction, I got a little excited because the next day I had a Dr. Appointment first thing in the morning this appointment was to see if I was dilated at all. If I was then my Dr. was going to let me try for a VBAC instead of having to have a C-section and he was going to schedule an induction for the following Wednesday. Well.... about 9pm the contractions started getting further down and more intense. I decided I should maybe put a bag together just in case anything happened during the night. Then decided to take a shower also to prepare in case. Before I hopped in Jase found me hunched over my bed (in the middle of a contraction) he asked "mom are you doing exercises?" I told him no and to go get daddy. "why" he asked. I told him to go get daddy because sister is ready to come and play. He got very excited and ran downstairs to Josh. I heard him talking to Josh and josh was in no hurry to come upstairs. Then he told him about the sister coming to play. When he got upstairs I gave him a quick run down of what I was doing. I hadn't told him I was contracting earlier. I asked him to time them while I was in the shower. He got concerned and asked why I hadn't told him earlier, because they were coming every 2 min. He told me I didn't have a choice we were going to the hospital. He quickly called our friends Brian and Tanya to see if the boys could spend the night over there while we went to the hospital, he got a few bags for the boys together and about 30min later we were off. (10pm) When we entered the ER they asked if I was in labor I replied with my contractions are coming every 2min. "oh yeah we need to get you upstairs" was they comment back. I had called the labor and delivery floor before leaving the house so they already had my paper work at the Er's front desk . Next thing I knew I was in a wheel chair being quickly taken upstairs. Once we got there they checked me and started that whole process. I was at 2-3 centimeters so I was staying. They asked if I was doing a c-section or a VBAC. I told them what my doctor and I had already discussed. But once they informed the doctor that was on call our plans, the decision was quickly turned around. The doctor on call did not do VBAC. (Because there is a chance that during delivery you could have your scar rupture and if you had a epidural you might not feel it cause you to possibly die as well as you baby.) If i was still set on a VBAC then I would have to sign a paper going against medical advice and and understood that I and the baby could loose our lives. Josh and I discussed it and it wasn't worth the risk so a c-section it was. About 10min later the doctor came in and checked me again and then asked me about the plans that my doctor and I had already previously discussed. Well in the short time that I had been there I was already now 5-6. The doctor said that since I progressing at a good pace she would let me go ahead and try vaginally as long as I continued to progress every hr. YEAH!!! I was super excited and the worry about the the scar rupturing was put to ease a little seeing as how there is a less than 1% chance of that happening ( it is still a risk that some doctors aren't comfortable with). (11pm) Then next move was to a permanent room down the hall. And oh how nice it was to see the anesthesiologist about 5min later. The only thing I could have done without was all of his explaining of what he was going to do, while I am going through some oh so lovely painful contractions. After the 20 min it took for that to take full effect. They came back in to break my water, and 15min later (12am) they came in to see if I progressed any more. Much to every ones surprise I was ready!!! little girl would be here soon. After about 5 series of pushing with the nurses they had me hold up and quickly found the doctor. two pushes later Varsity was here (12:28 am).
It was such a great experience. Quick moving but not to the point where everything was rushed and chaotic. There was no after birth pain which made it so fun to just watch josh taking pictures of his little girl and watching her as she just contently let the nurses and doctors do all of her assessing.

Don't mind the black and white pictures. Josh didn't realize the camerawas set on Black and white. He was just and excited daddy.

Varsity's onsie I made for her
The boys' shirts (front) I made
the boys' shirts (back).
On Joshs' shirt it had "supervisor " under the Security.