Friday, March 27, 2009

Have you ever seen a Dinosaur Fly?!

If you have three little boys
A Dog leash
and an banister at the top of your stairs...

you just might turn the corner and see a "spike" dinosaur fly.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I know I know

We had visitors.... It was sooooo much fun having my mom and sister come out and of course Brenleigh and Grady. Grady my almost 2yr old nephew now knows me as the aunt with "nanny" aka Candy! I know how to get the kids to know who the Fun Aunt is! Yeah I gave into candy as a pre breakfast snack. I know, horrible but he was on vacation and the boys had another boy in the house that they were determined to teach how to climb the shelves in the pantry. (bad idea to have a nice size pantry w/ a door that they can close and scale the shelves looking for the sweets on the top). I was also successful in getting brie hooked on D.P. Since she's been home she now craves dr. pepper and Grady wakes up asking for Candy. Oh the fun I will have this summer when I go back for a month. And then I have a new inductee-STATTON. Josh had fun taking them to some of our favorite places to eat. I don;t think I cooked one meal while they were here. (mom and brie I really do know how to cook and I do make dinner)
Anyways the reason for the visit, The Vinyl Party was good and several people stop by and place orders. So again that was exciting. Now we are looking forward to other people hosting a party and get more people to know about our little company.
OH and the "girls" both waited until they were together to go and get their ears pierced. Now they are all girl!!!! I love it.
posting more soon I hope. But for now here are a few pics. of the visit.

The boys loved playing with cousin grady. Kage and Kadin were so cute with him, Kage would just walk up to him out of the blue pat him on the shoulder and give him a hug and then go about what he was off to do. Jase loved playing with Baby BrenLeigh. Even though he has a baby sister already he had so much fun laying next to bren and cuddling, kissing and talking to her. I Love my sweet boys.
Varsity I don't think sat still long enough to realize we had company. She was and still is constantly on the go. Speed crawling around the house and going up the stairs.
When I try to sit her on the ground to play with a toy she goes right into crawling. the girl NEVER sits still. But why would she, she has three brothers she is trying to catch at all times.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm Alive, but the computer wasn't

Sorry for the extreme lack of posting!
there is so much to catch up on I seriously don't know where to start.
My Laptop got very sick, josh crashed it in hopes that maybe it work again. Well it worked enough for you to think it was working and then in the middle of doing something or just as it was logging into the Internet it would freeze and just chill. The computer would still be running and acting like it was trying to do something.....but it would stay that way for hours.

Josh order me a new laptop through his I.T department (thinking he might get a good deal) after week and half of no computer coming in he talked to the I.T guys never ordered it. AAAAAHHHHH. So had to wait another week. Now it's here but I am trying to catch up on everything else and everyone else. But my sister is getting aggravated that I haven't posted. OK so now I have the laptop and can re-upload pictures to it right?... Nope this "new" computer doesn't have and SD card slot. WHAT THE HECK? ok no big deal I have the special computer adaptor for my Sony camera. ( I say special because it is not like a normal USB cable, Sony has some weird connector). Oh but as you may remember we got a puppy, and I have little boys that thought this cable went to their tv in their room. and during some night that lovely little puppy decided to chew the cable. And not just chew but completely remove the "sony" special adaptor part. So now I have all of these events and stories to update about and no pictures to upload. so until I get a new cable your imagination will have to do.

Ok so Brie and I started our own business. Labren Designs selling custom Vinyl, bows, tutus, and baby leg warmers. We have our own website and it has a store on it so you can make purchases through the site. Yea how exciting. My mom, brie, brenleigh, and grady are all coming back to Wisconsin this Friday I am SO EXCITED. They are coming back cause brie and I are having our first Labren Designs party. ( again very excited yet way nervous and just want it to go well ). So if anyone of you fellow bloggers are in the area this coming weekend stop by on saturday for the open house.

On Sunday the twins and I celebrated our Birthday . Oh my goodness I can't believe it has been three years since I spent those 2 incredibly long months in the hospital. I wish we had all known about blogging back then it would have killed more time. I can still remember starting my day watching the TODAY show, then onto Regis and Kelly, then 3 tv's Noon new, then usually A Baby Story, then DR. Phil, Then OPRAH, and then Good Evening Arizona I would think "All right I made it through another day". then I would watch whatever night shows were on. For two weeks it was the Olympics. ( my day time programing changed during that time too, I would watch all those winter events that no one really gets to see.) my sister Jerrae would call and talk to me and I would give her the Medal count update it was pathetic how much I knew about those winter games. Anyways maybe when I get the cable I can upload some of the boys hospital pics. and do one of those trips down memory lane of all they we went through.

Ok one last thing, at least for this post. it's gross but it has to be posted. Varsity has master the stairs. If she's that I have gone up stairs or sees the brothers headed up to the play room. She goes following. Today while jase was at school the boys (twins) were playing in the play room and varsity came to join them. I went in my room to start getting ready for the day. after a little while i wen to check on her, and found the boys in their room. I asked
me---"hey where's sister"

boys---" in the play room"
( I turned around to see that the play room door is closed)

me--- boys you can't close the door on her, she can't get out
(open the door)
I see that the puppy is in there with her. oh crap he is in her too
(the puppy like to have accident in here, I don't know why)

I see my baby girls two fists full of fresh dog....
I run to pick her up as quick as possible, only for her to try and get more into her mouth.
(so sick)
I get her to the bathroom wash her hands, get anything and everything out of her mouth, take the clothes off, put her in the bedroom with the boys, put the dog in the laundry room. And proceed to clean and disinfect the toy room.
Dr. said that was pretty much all I could do no worries kids are kids and eat dirt and other stuff that have dog..... on it. YUM!!!
( I had just taken the dog out 30 min prior to this where he did ALL of his business.)