Wednesday, June 2, 2010

While mom's away the boys will play!

Josh took a week vacation to play with the boys while I was gone, Although his week vacation turned into working from home for a week. He still managed to do some fun and questionable activities with them.

Like teaching them how to throw tennis balls at a wasps nest

Toasting breakfast with cans of soda

Eating ice cream for lunch, not AFTER lunch but FOR it.

Somethings were a bit more normal...

Burger King runs

And Miniature Golfing


but to give josh the appropriate credit. he did cut the boys hair and had the house completely cleaned up. You would have never guess the boys were bachelors for a week. All 3 bathroom were cleaned, every room was vaccumed (including the stairs) all landry was washed, folded and put away. I've trained him right, but just to make sure I think I should go on another trip to really test him. haha

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Nephew & 10 yr Reunion

This trip included…

  • Lots of In N Out
  • Yummy Mexican food
  • Petes
  • Splash pad and ice cream with cousins Giada and Statton
  • Italian Dinner & frozen Yogurt with Scrappy Bulldog, uncle bucket, aunt shell and cousins Emerson and Ella
  • Shopping and Dinner with my mom
  • Dinner with the senior cheerleaders class of 2000
  • The Shout house (dualing pianos) w/ mom
  • Gila valley Temple dedication (broadcast)
  • Family dinner w/ Mom, Aunt Mamie, Brie & Joey, Jerrae & Chris and all the cousins
  • A hilarious trip with Jerrae to the post office (only took 4 trips, and 5 different boxes to finally mail boys sheets)
  • Swimming with Grammy and cousins
  • Snuggleing baby Conlan
  • Lots of play time with cousin Grady and BrenLeigh
  • Sleep over @ Scrappy and Bulldogs w/ cousin Emerson
  • 10 yr High School Reunion ( thanks brie for being my date)
  • Helping Brie @ her house and making dinner.
  • Visiting grammy at work.

Like always we had a fun and packed trip and way to short of a vist.

Miss Varsity Waiting for the airplane.

She is the BEST traveler

This being our 8th trip her and I have taken together, i realized we don't have one picture together on the plane. Now we do!

we have never had a person sit right next to us. Being a free lap child she always ends up getting her own seat.
Baby Conlan Lincoln McKinney

Dinner with the Girls


the Shout House

Gum in the Hair


do NOT let brie push a grocery cart with a baby carrier on it, she can't see over the top of it. resulting in hitting this tower of glass bottles of salsa. We watched as it swayed but managed to stay standing. We left the isle quickly before she had a chance to run into it again.
Other Fun!!!