Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Jase started his first lesson of an 8 week series in his learn how to Skate class. In order to get in to the Learn to play hockey programs not only is there the age requirement but you first must complete the TOT series, each being 8 weeks. Dad/ josh is totally hooked in getting Jase into hockey after he saw all the little guys dressed up in their gear and practicing. We forgot jase's gloves so Josh went to the pro shop and bought jase his first pair of Hockey gloves. They are so cute, a little big right now. And they have a permanent curve in the fingers so you can hold the stick easier, which will take jase some getting use to. SO be looking future pictures of hopefull improvment on the ICE.

Happy Halloween


In the town of Kenosha, Halloween is celebrated on the Sunday before Halloween. and the tricker treating is done between the hours of 4pm-6pm. So the boys had three nights of Halloween this year.

Saturday was the wards halloween party. (sorry not to many pictures of that)

Josh went as "the always wrong husband" ( he was all bandaged up and had a black eye), I was suppose to be a doctor in sugical gown, jase was of course Jack Sparrow, and the two stinkers were Skunks.

Mom and Stinker #1

My dad went with us and did the trunker treating part for us while we took the boys around to all the cars. Dads hand was wrapped in spider webs and he was somewhat hidden by the drapping old fabricy gause hangging off the trunck of the durango. He got a kick out of scaring the kids that thought no one was at the car, then all of a sudden this hand with candy and webbing stuck out. I wish I had gotten a picture of it.

On sunday I let jase go around a few blocks to tricker treat. This time he wanted to go as spiderman. Good thing the costume was a little big last year, cause it still fits now. It was a little hard trying to figure out wich houses were participating, with it being light outside there wasn't the normal pourch light to let you know there was candy being passed out. But it was still fun and Jase had a good time.

Day Three... after Jases skating Lesson papa met us with the boys and we attempted to some Tricker treating at the Plesant Praire outlets on Halloween. At 6:45 we started not realizing it ended at 7:00. Oh well, mom had to get some more use out of the skunk costumes that she made. One time was not enough.

Kager injoying Halloween!

The Back side of a cute Skunk!

Jase insisted in having a banana before I took his picture. I'm sure Jack Sparrow enjoyed a banana while trapped on that island with Elizabeth.
Kage holding his Pumpkin

Didier Farm

On Saturday we met up with Joshs' cousin Kendee, Steve and Lake at Deider Farm. We played with Pigs, Goats, Ponies, and Pumkins.

Kadin Riding the Pony

Kage wasn't so Sure He liked it, It was ok until the pony started moving.

Jase Loved the Pony, Looks like Grandpa Jones
and Dad are gonna have to work that one out
Come on Brother

Jase and Cousin Lake jumping in the Big Pumpkin

Jase feeding the Lama

Right before Kadin escaped

jase and mom in the petting zoo

Kage and Kadin trying to get into play with the goats.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

work hard... play hard...

So in between all of Josh's company golf outings, NFSA Dinners, Client Lunches, Award ceremonies, training trips, etc... He does find time to actually work and does a GREAT Job at it. Which is why his company throws in a few extra perks now and then And me being the devoted, loving and supportive wife that I am (at least most of the time) I sometimes see these benefits as well.
Josh and the superintendant for residential fire protection Cory Recently landed a Huge contract with Toll Brothers over the next three year for one of their new developments.

As a thankyou FE Moran treated all of us to a night out in Chicago. A wonderful dinner and Great seats to the Chicago Blackhawks (hockey).

Cory and his Fiance' Beth

Josh and I

What a Good Husband...holds my purse when I went to the bath room and then continues to hold it while I search for a place to get a CHICAGO dog!

Seriously Why so many extra sticks? they even have more lineing the hall back to the locker room.

After watching this slaughtering match 3-7 blackhawks lost. I was seriously asking myself why am I ok with putting Jase in hockey? He starts skating lessons this week. I think I'll eventually push for baseball or some other non contact sport, swimming sounds good!=)

Yep cheerleading has moved to Hockey, well not so much a cheerleader. A Girl flirting around in a cheer uniform while skating and scooping up the loose ice around the side of the rink.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Watching The Chicago Cubs loose to the Diamondbacks isn't very interesting

"Wake up brother the Cubs got a Run"

To Bad it wasn't enough to win. sad night here =(
Like everyone else says maybe next year on their 100th year anniversary of the winning a World Series.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Music Appreciation

When ever this song comes on Kadin starts oooing like in the beginning of Gwen Stefanis' "Sweet Escape"

Jase loves singing along with
Avil Lavigne "I don't like your Girlfriend"
I guess maybe I should start listening to primary songs so they can start learning those instead of knowing the billboard top 20 :)

Hide the Blankets ....

Joran's Coming to babysitt...."Hide the Blankets"
(inside joke with my sisters)