Sunday, December 30, 2007


" 4 "

We found a while ago I am Unexpectedly EXPECTING kiddo #4! (and as of now it is only one this time.)
he/SHE will be arriving in July.
I am still determined not to find out with this one. I want to go for the totally surprise. Hoping for the girl, and knowing I won't have anything girl I still want the Surprise. I'm not really in any better situation for a boy either. Seeing as I gave almost all of my baby toys and baby stuff to my sister for her little guy. And then sold the rest before we made the move out here. I figured I had a few more years not needing it. So I guess now I'll keep my eyes peeled for sales and baby clearance.
Anyways we are super excited!

We'd love to know who all is checking our blog out so we can keep in touch with you as well, and if you have a blog to so we can see what you're up to.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

MERR-Wii Christmas

Did Santa COME?

At first Jase was expecting santa to still be here. Then when they went over to look
at the plate of cookies to find everything was gone, he got all excited and was
Screaming Santa! Santa Came!

PAT PAT Rocket! this was the first thing Jase would say anytime you asked him what he wanted for christmas? "Rocket" of course on his list to santa he made sure he asked for one for himself and one for brothers. How nice of santa to listen.

this christmas we couldn't have presents starting to accumulate under the tree as we recieved packages from family, because Kage would open them. We found this out when I had all of the family gifts wrapped waiting to be shipped. So we had to hide all the presents in the closet until they went to bed christmas eve. But on christmas once there were toys unwrapped Kage became uninterested in opening presents and just went from toy to toy that was already out. of course.

One of Three different Dinosaurs that santa brought
What a Big Kid
Asked for a Wii, and to his Suprise super wife was able to find the unfindable hot toy!
He had no Idea. I was extremely lucky to have been at Target just as they were getting a suprise delivery of only 20 wii systems just 5 days before christmas.
After opening...
2x Pat Pat rockets, 2x Magna Doodles, 2x remote dinosaurs, ROBOraptor, Playdoh kits, 120 piece train set, Pirate Ship, 3 shake and Go race cars, Leo's Batton(rocket accessories), Alaska Mission(another rocket accessories),bob the builder tools, 2 push and go cars, and more that I can't remember now, and then all of the Family gifts we had a great christmas.!

Christmas Eve

Sorry a little dark on Jase' pictures

Jase recieving a little extra help from brother.

Kadin Knows what to do

Kage opening his Christmas Pajamas.

If you can't get the present open with your fingers there is always your mouth!

our best attemp at getting them to take a picture infront of the christmas tree with their new pajamas

After stories, santas cookies and reindeer treats were to bed and wait for santa to come!!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

New Hair Cut

So I haven't gotten my hair cut since April. I know awfull! I'm so glad a friend of ours is a hair stylest and works for a really nice salon.

With Josh's company Party tonight ( a black tie event) I had to get something done with it so it didn't look so trashy.

So this is the new do, hopefully I can get it to look like it to look good tonight, I've never been good at doing my hair I don't think. My sisters on the other hand could put their hair up with a pen and make it look like a major up-do. ;) Thanks to Brittany for the Great highlight, color, cut and style. You'll see the cut in more pictures after tonight party.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Arizona Trip

Ok so after a month and half I decided to blog again.
This was my trip that I took the begining of November. I went for Toshikos/ Tonis' Baby shower. I stayed with her and her hubby j.paul. It was great to spend time with them.
While I was there I was also able to visit with my sister and adorable nephew Grady, who has got to be one of the happiest the sweetest babies! I also Got to go to dinner with my In-laws and brother and sister inlaw Matthew and Michelle and got to meet my newest nephew Emerson. Wwho is aslo very adorable!
It was a great little vacation, Thankyou so much to Josh for insisting that I go and buying my ticket. The only down side was that Tahoe that he rented for me to drive was a dangerous move. becuase of course I came home wanting one. well only two years left on the durango. Or if the family grows soon than that maybe I can swing one earlier. ;)