Sunday, January 25, 2009


This little girl sees her brothers racing past her and thinks she has a lot of catching up to do, so lets get to it.

She's 6 months old and ....

*pulling her self on anything and everything to a standing position. And then is able to get back down to her knees. She is now learning how to creep along what ever she is holding on to. (Jase was walking by about 10-11 months and I think she'll be there too)

* she decided to go right from scooting( which looked more like the worm, doing a push up and then thrusting herself forward) to full out crawling. She completely skipped the whole army crawl.
*Figured out how to start climbing the stairs (oh CRAP!)

*a great eater and is on 3 solids a day, loves sweet potatoes, all fruits and is figuring out that the dinners are alright to. And soon to start on some noodles and bigger people food.
*is in the 75% for her height
25% in weight, a tall skinny girl

*Loves to play on the computer when mom is trying to type or do stuff, and loves the cell phone. (dad's in trouble)

* Is a HUGE mommy's girl. The boys always loved mom, but were cool with anyone else holding or giving them attention. Varsity likes other people and attention as well, but if mom is around then she better be the one holding me.
What a special bond already.

It is going WAY to fast, it's exciting to watch her do new things, but at the same time I want her to stay my little newborn baby.
I would love to post new bragging pictures about my adorable princess. But apparently I don't know how to admire her and take pictures at the same time. (goal for tomorrow... take pictures, download and post them) so for now this one will have to do.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Adding to our family AGAIN!

Even though Varsity is only 6months old, And the twins are still in diapers. (potty training in the early stages). Josh and I still feel like our home is just not complete. So we are adding to our family.....

Seriously I'm not that crazy

Meet our new addition. Resuced today from the Chicago Canine Rescue here is Blazer
An 8 week old Labador Retriever. We've been talking about getting one for a while. I know it's a puppy and the whole training factor and all that jazz. But we were so lucky with Bailey( our first puppy, we had to leave her in az. when we moved the town house didn't allow pets. We had planned on bringing her back once we got into a house. Unfortunatly she ran away from josh's dad and now no bailey) that Josh and I both wanted another puppy that the boys and girl could grow up with. Jase picked him out and everyone is totally in love with him. He has enough puppy in him that he like to chew on his toy and occassionally a hand. But he is also the most mellow puppy. Is very relaxed and just likes to cuddle. Then again will see how he acts on a day when there is not so much excitment and he isn't so exausted.

And just in case you didn't catch on. This was how we are adding to our family. So NO i'm not expecting. :)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Birthday FUN

One of Jases birthday presents included a Lion Cub from Gamma, that comes to life. As you cuddle and pet it, the lion purrs, roars, growls, and moves it's mouth and eyes. Really cute! but for some I guess it seems a little to REAL. So not only did grandmas gift make Jase smile and think he got a "new Pet" for his birthday, but it gave mom a good laugh too.

Kage has been slowly getting better. He will go near it now as long as it is turned off or asleep. But if you ask if you can turn it on he says." no, no scare me" I'm guessing he won't be asking for one for his birthday