Tuesday, November 18, 2008

more bows

My sister Brie is extremely creative and talented, we've also teased her about being so elaborate. (ex. we would make gingerbread house every year before Christmas and hers would always look pretty and fancy, but she would keep adding more candy, more icing, more candy , more icing... and by the end you could barely see any thing that looked like a house, just an explosion of candy and icing. ) Now back to my post....
We both had our first girls this summer and when I went out to visit her, her and I had a blast making bows together for the little princesses. I've made a few bows that coordinate with several of Varsity's outfits. As for Brie she is busy making AWESOME bows. She's also started making TUTUs. Hopefully she can give me a few tips when I see her next week. But knowing how unimaginative I'm glad she has decided to start selling them. Instead of going and being overwhelmed with the many different ribbons I can choose from and then figuring out what kind of bow I want to attempt to make. I'll do all of that with a click of a button. THANKS BRIE
if anyone is interested in seeing her bows go to this link.

Monday, November 17, 2008

And SnOw it starts

These are picture I just took. 3:45 and it started snowing. don't know how long it is suppose to snow for, but the boys are loving it.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

"Harvest Bow"

Thankyou Aunt BB for the Havest Bow. it looks a little big in the picture but in person it looks soooo cute.
Poor baby so tired and yet mom is still taking pictures.

Got it!!! everynow and then I thought i could see a little dimple. Well now I've got proof that I'm not seeing things
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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


At least I can say I voted.

My four little ones accompanied me to cast my vote in today's election. They were so good and excited to see what voting was. I think they were expecting it to be this big production, but loved getting a sticker at the end. Then treated with an ALL AMERICAN lunch of chicken nuggets and fries at Mc Donalds.

I'm looking forward to seeing what the next four years will have in store and thankful that all the campaigning is finally OVER.
I just hope the extreme hype will quickly fade.

If we don't want to make this election about race then let's stop bringing race into the election.

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Saturday, November 1, 2008

BOO who WHO?

I go to take a picture the other day and the camera won't turn on. It's been a little funky lately not turning on right away, but after a few tries it finalyy wakes up and turns on. So I mess with it a little then pop the battery pack in the charger in hopes that maybe it was just reallly dead. No such luck the camera is gone. Josh got me this camera last year for my birthday, and it's nothing high tech or cool put I actually really liked it. the cool feature i like was that it took multiple pictures at a once. ( having active kids this was a feature I used all the time in hopes to get one picture of everyone looking at me, or smiling or not blury). In the below posts you see that I do have little aspiring photographers in the house and one of them could have easliy dropped or done something to it. Jase tried turning it on today he wanted to take a oicture of his brother, now he;s said that it doesn't work but he didn't admit to anything happening to it, I'll just keep on thinking that it was just it's time to go. So no pictures of halloween and baby picture of varsity are at a stand still for now. But oh darn we have our cruise coming up in a few weeks and a visit with az family so it looks like date night tonight will have a dessert of electronic shopping. Electronic shopping is something I hate doing though. I'll think it is cool and a good deal and then get home and realize that it actually crap and within a few months possibly weeks it will be known as an "old school one" oh well be looking for a future post of an expensive new addition.