Sunday, August 10, 2008

Grandma Comes to Town

My mom from Arizona came to visit, and I think she is probably in need of another vacation after being here. While she was here we were on the go all the time. doing different things the boys wanted to do with grandma, the shopping, the eating, more things with the boys, more shopping, more out to dinner, movies. Yikes we had Fun! Having her here was so nice and SOOO much fun, and she was a HUGE help seriouly I think she changed everyone of Varsitys diapers ( - the midnight changes) while she was here. Now that she has gone I am wondering how was I doing it during the day bymyself with the four of them. Well monday I'll be at the crazyness again. (I wish I could have my mom as a live in nanny.)

The night before she got here Jase sat with Josh and started telling him all the things he wanted to do with his Grandma. Josh had the idea to write an actual list that he and grandma could do. I hope I don't all the things (mom has the list now)..
1. show grandma sister----- yep showed her sister

2. cook mommy dinner---- yep cooked a yummy salmon, mashed potato and corn dinner
3. meet my friends---- yep she met a few of them
4. take a nap w/ grandma--- did really give grandma time to take a nap. but slept with her at night
5. say good morning---- every morning went in and say good morning and cuddled w/ grandma
6. say good night----every night said good night to grandma
7. read a bed story---- grandma told Jase the story of Goldie locks and the three bears
8. go to the water park (hurricane harbor @ six Flags)---- oh yeah that one was an adventure. Let's just say that even with parental supervision Jase and Kage ended up in Lost Parents at different times.

9. go to the roller coaster--- went to the roller coasters but the lines were very long. But a few rides on the carousel were Great!!!

10. go to the swamp--- Yep. but it's not really a swamp it's a park that has a really pretty spring that runs around it. and he thinks it's a swamp and that an alligator lives in it. that's were we get the next item.
11. see the alligator-- Sadly the alligator was sleeping (like it is every time we go to this park) but grandma and the boys found this little meadow up a hill just past the bridge and had jun playing WEEEEE and then running around like Phoebe (off of friends).
12. make cookies-- Oh yeah yummy peanut butter w/ reese pieces. There was only about a half hour or so before needing to go to the airport but that was still on the list. so break apart cookie dough still did the trick.

13. go to baseball practice--- one better than that. Grandma got to go to Jase's last t-ball game of the season and got to see him get is medal.

14. Hug and Kisses--- How could you not? of Course this one was definently checked off the list.

15. make breakfast w/ grandma---My kids are WIERD the breakfast they asked grandma to make was maccaroni and cheese. The day before I had told them no so when my mom told me to go back to bed you know grandma could say no to three adorable boys asking for mac and Cheese.
16. go to the Movies with Grandma--- did it. Grandma and jase went and saw Wall-E
( and then mom and i went and saw the late late showing of Mamma Mia, I Loved it and had a fun time listening to mom sing the songs along with the movie.)
Thankyou so Much for coming mom. We all had a Great time and can't wait to have you come and play again. Aunt BB, cousin grady, cousin BrenLeigh, Aunt Rae, cousin Statton we would love for you to come a play too.