Monday, December 29, 2008

Where to begin

Lets start with the cruise.

The last part of November we went on a 8 day cruise with Josh's Family to the Eastern Caribbean. Unfortunately Varsity was a only 4months old and the cruise line requires that infants be 6 months. So I flew to Arizona Wednesday before thanksgiving. My mom and the rest of my family watched Miss V while we were gone. It worked out to be alot of fun. I was able to spend a few days and Thanksgiving with my family. We had a great Thanksgiving at jerraes house. And yeah for BrieAnna for being the only one to wear her Reindeer earrings.
the next day josh arranged for my flight to leave a little later in the morning so that I had a chance to do a little Traditional Black Friday shopping. ( I had to catch a flight to Florida to meet up with the rest of the family who had earlier flights from chicago and matt and michelle that had flown out on thanksgiving)... back to the shopping ...we use to all make matching sweat shirts and then all hit the store together. Our last year that we did it we were the 12 days of Christmas, each one of was a day. 1mom 2dad 3joran 4josh 5jase 6kage 7kadin 8brieanna 9joey 10jerrae 11chris 12bryndan
Brie mom and I were up by two, brie was suppose to meet us at moms house at 2:45 and to be honest I didn't think she would make it. I expected a call saying she had been up with brenLeigh all night or something. But to my surprise when I called her at 2:30 she was already on the freeway and almost to moms house. When she got there she had the cutest little coke bottles. we had the best time it wasn't even really cold outside. Varsity got to experience her first black friday shopping outing and got her first JcPenny globe.

Onto the Cruise. It was so much fun we had 3 different stops Puerto Rico. St Thomas. St marrten, and Haiti. My fave was probably Haiti. it was royal Caribbeans own private part of the island. Very relaxing and very pretty. In st. Marrten Josh and I did Americas cup sailing and actually got to do the sailing of the ship pulling cranking to move the sails. It was alot of fun and now Josh wants to put our boys in sailing. Why not!?

Our ship is currently , the worlds largest cruise ship. we had a Rock wall, full size basketball court, Wave rider.(simulates an ocean wave that you can boogie board and surf on) like 4-5 hot tubs, 4 different pools, and ice rink and so much more.
IT was really hard not having my baby girl with us, but daily emails home and the occasional phone call once we were on land made it easier. We still had a blast and are looking at other places that we want to cruise to. I'm thinking a Mediterranean one whoever those are even longer 11 days or more. Maybe a Disney Cruise will come sooner, after all josh and I still act and wish we were still kids.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


very busy around here. And I know all of you are too. will be updating soon. especially since I didn't do a christmas card either. UGH!!!