Sunday, April 6, 2008


Josh got the chance to experience Wrigley Field for the first time on CHICAGO CUBS OPENING DAY!!!

One of the companies that he does business with found out he was a cubbies fan ( because that's who his wife likes) and got him opening day bleacher seats.

All last year ( while I was still in AZ.) different vendors he worked with offered him tickets but he kindly past them along to other guys he worked with. He said his first time at Wrigley he wanted me to be there. ( thanks babe)

The game weather was definitely not ideal. Raining ALL day everyone thought the game was actually going to be canceled. Luckily it did actually get started and then delayed a few innings later because of more rain. So it was cold, WINDY, and raining but it was opening day and my cubbies so it was still fun. To bad they couldn't pull off a win, but since this post is sooooo late it isn't really bothering me seeing as they are in FIRST PLACE! We only have 141 games left 'till the end of the regular season so we'll see if they can hold on for a few more months.

Our View From the Bleacher seats

The power of ZOOM on a camera.... the picture above this one is a true view of where we were sitting. This picture is one of the Ernie Banks Statue presented to him at the game (banks is the one with the blue cap on and the statue is next to him) this was up by home plate, I think 300-400 feet from where we were sitting. It's hazy because of the rain and fog.

First pitch ( a little blurry, I was freezing so the hands were shaky)

So much for a sunny baseball game. This is what the sky looked like.