Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Bad Blogger

Geeze it seems that all my post include several posts wrapped into one gigantic post. That I try and breeze through and not include to many detail that are not interesting and pointless because of the length of the post.

Included in this post are....
Surprise trip to AZ.
and Varsity growing and growing

A few weeks ago was my sisters (jerrae) baby shower for baby#2. She had for some reason been begging me to come out. I kept replying that I had waited to long to get a decent price on a ticket, so I wouldn't be able to make it. What NO ONE knew (except for my sister brie) was that I had already purchased my ticket. Josh knew that if I didn't go, on the day of the shower I would be moaping around wishing that I was in Arizona and regretting not going, so he made up my mind for me and got the ticket to AZ.

Seriously I don't know how brie and I kept the secret from everyone for more than two weeks.
Brie told my mom that she had a girls night party with some friends from her church and she would be home around 10pm. My mom went out to Buckeye and watched her kiddos. instead of a party (which never existed) brie came to the airport and picked me up. When we got back to bries house she went in and starting talking with my mom, I quietly entered and put Varsity on the floor hoping she would start crawling towards the living room. Unfortunately I had just woken her up so instead she staring crying. Mom could figure out how Brenleigh had gotten out of her crib and how she could be crying in the hallway. So i walked around the corner and definitely had her SURPRISED. We kept the surprise going for Jerrae until her shower the following night. Brie and I had so much fun!!! It also ended up that I was there for Easter. The little girls (Brenleigh and Varsity) got to spend there first Easter together. And they were so cute together.

After dinner at my moms Brie, Bryndan, mom, and I had a blast dancing. Bryndan loves to swing dance and was trying to teach me (I do better at cheer routines). The next day brie and I had fun hanging out together, we met my brother for lunch at Johnny Rockets, picked up Joey (brother-in-law) from the airport, had dinner with my mom. And then Varsity and flew home. Az was so much fun and I can't wait to go back in a few weeks for my brothers graduation.

Since we live here in the oh so lovely and cold Midwest, with no family. Josh and I have decided that once a month we are going to take the boys(and girl) camping or something for the weekend.
Two weeks ago we headed north to Fond du Lac, Wi. to a KOA Kamp ground. (growing up when making the drive from AZ to Chicago that where we would stay along the way. And boy do I have fun memories of those trips)
That weekend was Perfect. the weather was so nice it was the opening weekend for this camp ground to hardly any campers it was like we had the place to ourselves. The boys had a great time playing with the camp owners kids. Our little Cabin was right next to the playground and giant inflatable jumping pillow. As we were driving home the boys kept asking when are we going camping again.
May is a little busy but June we are looking at going over to Michigan, camping and possibly seeing some of the people from Josh's mission. One of my good friends from high school now lives in Michigan and just had her first baby, so maybe we can stop and say congrats!

she's 9 months and soon to be 10 months on the 11th. (ha ha 9,10,11)
Anyways at her last check up she was 90% for her height and 5% for her weight. So it looks like she's still hanging on to being my tall skinny girl, Model, Volleyball, or an awesome back base for cheer?

  • She is super crazy, very active and always going somewhere.
  • She is a very speedy crawler, crawls up the stairs to find mom, brothers, or just to play. And has recently discovered by turning around she can go backwards down the stairs again to find mom, or brothers.
  • Has figured out how to climb up on top of the train table(in the toy room) but doesn't know how to get down
  • She stands very well on her own and now is taking 4-5 steps at a time then stands a claps for herself.
  • She loves moms cell phone and is even a bigger fan of my laptop.
  • Is drawn to every open bathroom door. (gotta try and keep those darn things closed).
  • Is definitely a water baby. I think she is going to have a blast this summer in aunt Brie's pool.
  • Has decided it is way more fun to spit bubbles at mom and dad with her baby food than to eat it. And eats pretty much anything you put in front of her. I guess it's not eating more like gumming. Baby food is now being phased out.
  • No teeth yet. Not even a glimpse of one.
  • She doesn't mind wearing this on her head, hats, headbands even those annoying cone shaped party hats with the elastic. She wore it for an hour at a friends party the only reason it came off was because it wouldn't fit in the car seat.
  • Thinks dad is an OK guy but mom is way better!

So that's my wrap up sorry for all the needless details. Now enjoy all the random and out of focus and out of order pictures.

Aunt B and varsity

Kage pretending to fish, he kept getting scared by the grass


Jumping Pillow. This was the morning we left. It was actually
cold that morning, but the previous days it was perfect.

Kadin, fishing

Way to go Boy Scout...That's using your survival skills.
See if I hadn't taken my hairspray we couldn't have kept warm
or made our food. (He seriously started the fire with some twigs,
hairspray and a lighter.)


Big girl standing

I love her lips

The girls looking like twins. Everytime we went some where
we had so many people ask us if they were twins.
And that's boy(bryndan) and I matching the girls(color wise)