Friday, January 29, 2010

Hide and Seek

I was in the kitchen cleaning up from lunch and getting the things i needed for dinner. Varsity was playing in the cupboard. We have two "lazy Susan" style cupboard and this is the one she was playing in. She was being happy at first and then started getting angry so she decided to keep tucking her self further and further into the door until the following happened.

I couldn't push it one way or another. It wouldn't move in either direction. I was afraid of where a hand, finger, foot might be at and didn't want to break anything. When I finally was able to get it opened enough to get my hand in I was able to get her to start standing up which you could see loosened it and allowed it open up. It last about 5 min that she was in there. I thought it was cute and funny at first which is why I grabbed the camera. Then I got scared when I didn't know how I was going to get her out. Now it is back to being funny. (i know mean mom)

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Ok here we go

This year one of our family goals is to blog more, using it more as a Family journal so at the end of the year we can turn it into a book. Josh wants a book of our family every year. Great idea! I just hope he starts contributing some posts on here as well. Because we all know moms get busy and we really want to blog but somehow other things get in the way. To you moms that blog religiously you are my inspiration and i hope I can keep up.

To tie up last year....

Jase Started Kindergarten in Mrs. Smith's class, but three days before school started she had a baby girl. So for the first 3 months he had a long term Sub. He has done great and is loving school. And is now getting to know and loves his teacher. His bus stop is only about 1 house down from us and Loves getting to ride the bus. (We'll see how many yrs that lasts)

Kage and Kadin have started preschool that a few ladies from church and myself started. We rotate who teaches (no not joy school) and the boys love packing their lunches. But they still ask when they get to go to school with Jase.
Varsity is such a princess, she is learning very fast how to handle 3 older brothers. She is talking like crazy! And i absolutely LOVE having a girl!!!!!!! she is a total girly girl yet at the same time a little tuffy.

(this is how she carries anything with handles--Love it)
We made it through the year with only one trip to the emergency room....
Kage was at the neighbors and tripped on the rug into the corner of their coffee table. First set of stitches for Kager. He had three teeth go straight through his lip and got 4 stitches. Way to go buddy!!!!