Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What a four year old says. Entry #1

Seeing how I am bad at keeping my blog updated and even worse keeping a journal. I'm using my sisters idea of writing(typing) cute things that my kiddos say or do. so.....

today after picking Jase up from 4yr. kindergarten ( it's actually called that, it's not preschool, and it's not Kindergarten, it's Kindergarten for 4 yr olds) he said

  • Jase- Girls can;t kiss girls, Right mom?
  • Mom- you're right
  • Jase - that will make us sick huh?
  • Mom- yep
  • Jase - But boys can kiss girls and that is good for your heart, Right?
  • Mom - Yeah boys can kiss girls, but only when you are big like mommy and daddy.
    (YIKES I hope this isn't a preview of what i'm in for with 3 little boys. Looks like Jase can start dating AFTER his mission.)

At play day today I noticed that Varsity was staring to act sick. I told jase we needed to go home so I could take care of her. On our way home he said that he and "his"daddy needed to call the 'olice (police). When I asked him why, he said they needed to talk to the olice so they could find out who got baby barsity (vasity) sick. He kept saying this over and over. I love how protective he is of her already. I'm sure she won't always appreciate having big brothers. But Josh and I Love knowing that we have 3 boys to watch out for her.