Sunday, February 28, 2010

4 Years Ago

these two little guys decided to make a very early arrival... at 33 weeks.
  • And after i had laid in a hospital bed only allowed to walk to the bathroom for 7weeks. Trying my best to keep them in. Contracting every night. Nightly doses of Terbutaline. A 24/7 IV of Magnesium, a new IV every four days with a least 2 attempts to nail my rolling veins, a suspicious heart murmur because of to much Terbutaline, twice a day fetal monitoring laying still so they could get a good solid hr reading, constant eating to gain the weight they wanted to see gained --never happened, pretty stretch marks, a two yr old at home and an emergency c-section. Still didn't seem like enough sacrifice when I saw them like this.....

  • Kage 3 lbs 12oz

Kadin 4lbs 2oz

after 6 weeks for Kadin and 8 weeks for Kage. We were a family of 5 at HOME!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYS!!!!!March 1st 2004.


The Kindle Family said...

Happy B-day Boys!

Rochelle said...

Happy Birthday Kage and Kaden! I remember what a rough time that was for your family... Crazy that was already 4 years ago!

John + Jamie = A Delavan Family said...

i've cut myself off facebook for a while, so i am catching up on the blogs...i love this post of your boys! Happy Be-lated 4th Birthday, Kaden and Kage!!
those nicu's are a blessing, it will be ten years since john and i were visiting jacob at his. i am so grateful for modern medician and technology.